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Club Bachata Tuesday

BACHATA TUESDAY BACHATA TUESDAY BACHATA TUESDAY!! Here we are again folks! The Bachata night that just keeps getting better and better! Fun yet technical classes and FREE SOCIAL* after with our resident DJ’s spinning the latest and best Bachata around!  http://melbournebachata.com/venue

What is Dominican Dancing? It is STREET LATIN DANCING at its BEST!

Why Dominican Dance?  In the Dominican Republic dance and music are an integral part of everyday life, especially dances such as Bachata and Merengue.  We believe everyone should have little more music and dance in their lives!  WE REMAIN FOCUSED ON CLUB STYLE BACHATA.  We celebrate all styles of Bachata (the Dominican reference refers to the origin of the music and dance, not the style), Merengue, Salsa and to a lesser extent Cha Cha.  We love and celebrate the American (all American) influences on all music and dance styles that are celebrated or originated from Dominican Republic and its neighbours.

The most popular forms of Dominican dances are Merengue and Bachata.  Merengue dominates musical life, developed in the mid-19th century, and adapted from European dances, with Afro-Caribbean flavors and lively rhythms.  Merengue forms the base of most traditional Dominican songs and has a huge presence in bars, streets, businesses and homes.  As for dance, most Latin dancers would hear the phrase ‘it is like a Merengue action’ during their basic classes.  This dance is the place where most Street Latin dances as we know them started.

Bachata is also another form of Dominican music and dance that has grown in popularity. It originates from rural areas and has more of a melancholic beat to it. Its subjects are often focused on life in the country and romances.

Recently Bachata artists such as Prince Royce and Leslie Grace have become more prominent, with growing scenes worldwide including Europe and Australia.  The younger generations are turning more towards fusing Western influences into Bachata music and dance, with many different sub-styles of Bachata developing including Authentic, ‘Dominican’, Moderna, Bachatango, Ballroom, European, Sensual and of course our favourite, Club Style!

There are many forms of Street Latin dances for you to enjoy.  We are not limiting ourselves to just one of these styles because the style shares the same name as the origin.  We love Bachata and will continue to share our passion for Bachata and Street Latin Dancing with Melbourne.